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Dallas J. Pritt is one of the newer, yet familiar freelance show choir professionals who is based in Orlando, FL. He is known for his ability in developing an award winning show choir in a quick turnaround period. With his experience and training as a professional performer, Dallas brings an expertise to stage presence, choreography, show design, and vocal technique that has been informed and influenced by some of the best triple threats in the entertainment industry. He is represented by decorated groups in each competitive circuit across the country, and prides himself on being one of the most budget-reasonable competitive show choir choreographers on the national market. As a mental health advocate, Dallas is set apart by being able to provide team-building and self-esteem activities to allow each student to reach their full potential both as a performer and person. 

2018 Best New Choreographer

“Dallas is a good teacher and can break down the choreography so that students with different levels of ability can succeed. He is full of knowledge, has great organizational skills, and you can see his passion for what he does and he is fully invested in his work.” – Beth McClain, Sheridan HS (OH)

“He has a creative mind, which when coupled with a concrete understanding of both the musical and visual aspects of show choir, produces a cohesive, well-constructed final product. I always look forward to collaborating with Dallas. ” 
– Brock Keiper, BMK Arrangements, Chicago, IL


"Dallas has taken my program from a small, fledgling one to a successful competition one in 2 years. More than that, he has invested his talents, his wisdom, and his sense of FUN in my students and in me! I give him my highest recommendation as a person first, and as choreographer, clinician, and judge. Not only does he know performing and show choir, but he can teach it, which is SO important when working with students! Also, he is a team player and lovely to work with. Love is too small of a word to describe how our students and me feel about Dallas!" - Kay Dick, Chelsea HS (AL)

"Dallas does an incredible job of connecting to the kids so they feel empowered in their show and that their choreographer actually cares about them as people and not just a paycheck. My kids beg for Dallas to come back so he can help clean AND because they like his personality so much. I HIGHLY recommend Dallas to any beginning or advanced group!" - Jenny Gafron, Columbus North HS (IN)

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