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Show Choir

Dallas James Pritt is a freelance show choir professional based in Orlando, FL. He is known for his ability to develop award-winning show choirs with limited time. As a professional performer, Dallas brings expertise in the fields of stage presence, choreography, show design, and vocal technique.

He is represented by decorated groups in every competitive circuit across the country and prides himself on being one of the most accommodating competitive show choir choreographers in the country.

As a mental health advocate, Dallas sets himself apart by providing team-building and self-esteem activities to every student, helping them to reach their full potential.

2018 Best New Choreographer


Dallas James Pritt is a passionate teacher and coach for acting, voice, and dance as it applies to theatre. With real-world experience and training from the industry's best triple threats, he offers techniques and approaches that help students sharpen their skills and reach their full potential. He has taught at thespian conferences, theatre companies, and schools on various topics, including:

• Cold Reading 101
• Own Your Audition Song
• Finding The Right College Program
• The Business Side of An Actor
• A Look Into Meisner Technique
• Broadway Dance
• Auditioning In Musical Theatre


He is also available as a production consultant or creative (choreographer, assistant director, vocal coach). He has worked with secondary educational and collegiate theatre programs and has joined on-set crews as a stager for virtual musicals. 


"A talented choreographer who has a clear vision. With a vocal, dance, and theater background, any group would be lucky to be on his list!"

                                                                       - Sandi Thomas, Clover Hill, VA

"Go with this guy if you’re looking for someone to take you to the next level- whatever level that may be!" 

                                                                       - Garrett Lindsey, Jackson, MS

"I’ve judged his groups numerous times and his choreography is innovative and very energetic! He also does a fantastic job with designing shows. I would highly recommend him to any show choir!"

                                                                       - Casey Edwards, Hurricane, WV

"One of the best choreographers to work with as an arranger - he knows his stuff both musically and visually, combining his knowledge to provide clients with a high quality product."

                                                                       - Nick Brockamp, Glenwood, IL   

"Dallas brings such an amazing energy to the shows he choreographs! Super effective, really stunning design. If you hire him, I know he’ll give you the attention your group deserves, and the level of choreography your group desires!"

                                                                           - Kevin Duggan, Holeman, WI                                                               

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